Vivegam box-office collection: Ajith’s film grosses Rs 150 crore worldwide

Vivegam Box office collection

Vivegam Box office collection has grossed to Rs 150 Crores in its second week as per reports.

As per reports, Vivegam movies box office collection in the first weekend was grossing an amount of Rs 100 Crores. Also, The movie Vivegam ranked in Rs. 33.08 Crores.

Vivegam Box office collection

Actor Ajit Kumar has more fans and he has delivered the best in this movie.

Also, at the end of the movie, Clippings showing how actor Ajith Kumar has struggled in giving the best is awesome. So now it is the time to rip off the benefits of his

So now it is the time to rip off the benefits of his hard work.

Vivegam Box office collection Record

Ajith’s Vivegam dethrones Prabhas’ Baahubali 2 at the Chennai Box office to become the bigger hit.

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On Day 1, it managed to dethrone Rajinikanth’s last film as it collected a whopping Rs 1.21 crore as opposed to Rs 1.21 crore ( Kabali). The film as of Day 7 went on to become the first Tamil move to have earned a record breaking Rs 7.15 crore at the Chennai BO. As per latest update the film can add another feather to his cap, here’s why – the movie as of now has earned Rs 8.50 crore, while Baahubali earned Rs 8.25 crore. Believe it or not! The actioner has managed to BEAT the biggest blockbuster of all time! Now that’s quite a record to hold!

Vivegam movie was released over 3000 screens across the world. Also, The movie vivegam has received a terrific response in ticket bookings.

Furthermore, Some fans reported that the Vivegam movie tickets are even sold for 10 times of the actual cost.


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